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Kissing Bug Pest Profile: Bite & Disease Information
Kissing Bug Pest Profile Bite Disease Information
Kissing Bugs | Kentucky Pest News
Kissing Bugs Kentucky Pest News
Kissing bug identification requires closer look - Insects in the City
Kissing bug identification requires closer look - Insects in the City
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kissing bug : Triatomine bugs (also called “kissing bugs”, cone-nosed bugs, and blood suckers) can live indoors, in cracks and holes of substandard housing, or in a variety of outdoor settings including the following:The members of the Triatominae / t r aɪ. ə ˈ t ɒ m ɪ n iː /, a subfamily of the Reduviidae, are also known as conenose bugs, kissing bugs (so-called from their habit of feeding around the mouths of people), assassin bugs, or vampire bugs.Kissing bugs are insects that may be infected with Trypanosoma cruzi, the parasite that causes Chagas disease.They are commonly known as cone-nose bugs or chinches. Kissing bugs feed on blood during the night, and they are called kissing bugs because they prefer to bite humans around the mouth oKissing Bugs Facts, Identification, & Control Latin Name. Triatoma spp. and Paratriatoma spp.. Appearance What Do They Look Like? Kissing Bug Illustration. Size: Kissing bugs can be 14 to 24 mm long.Kissing bugs (from the Triatominae insect family) are blood insects that are known to attack humans for their food. These pests are sometimes called some names, the most common being “cone-nose bug”, “masked hunter bug” or “Mexican bed bug”.Kissing bugs have the potential to cause the deadly Chagas disease. Speak with a doctor if you think you've been bitten by a kissing bug or are experiencing symptoms of Chagas disease.‘Kissing bugs’ blood and in your face. Here’s how that spreads Chagas disease. A Delaware girl was bitten by a "kissing bug" over the summer, the CDC said this week.Blood- Kissing Bug Bites Girl in Delaware, Spotted Throughout U.S. Kissing bugs have been found in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and states across the southern U.S., the CDC confirms.THE VECTOR Kissing Bugs. Kissing bugs are nocturnal, blood-feeding insects that are members of the Reduviidae family. (Photo: Gabriel L. Hamer) Three species of kissing bugs that can be found in Texas.Just how deadly are kissing bugs? Turns out, not so much.
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